Special EducationalNeeds/Inclusion Early Years Offer

1. How does the setting know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs?

Happy Days pre-school work on a keyworker system which monitors all children.  By monitoring and observing children we are able to witness if a child is developing correctly for their age and ability.  If we have any concerns regarding a child we would speak to the parents/carers confidentially about any concerns we may have and agree to work with the parents/carers appropriately contacting outside agencies for advice if necessary.


If a parent/carer may feel their child may need extra support they should speak to their child's keyworker or manager/deputy (Fiona and Gemma) who are both our dedicated co-ordinators for special educational needs and disabilities about the matter.  This can be mentioned before a child starts with the setting, so all staff are aware and help may be put in place, or during the time your child is with us.


2. How will the setting staff support my child?

All staff will put in action any help and advice we may receive.  Any actions to be followed to support child with their development will be put in place and all staff will support this.  Parents/carers will always be notified of any actions and information we receive.  The child's keyworker will work closely with the managers and build a strong bond with your child ensuring any professionals which may need to be involved all work to support your child.  Professionals may include a health visitor, speech and language therapist, educational psychologists and other health care professionals to ensure that your child is given all the appropriate support and that we provide the very best care and educational opportunities for your child whilst they are attending Happy Days.


3. How will I know how my child is doing?

Parents/carers will be given daily feedback on their child's progress.  Parents/carers are always welcome to discuss their child's progress informally at the setting or by telephone.  We will review progress about their child via their learning journeys.


4. How will the learning and development provision be matched to my child’s needs?

Through the EYFS we will observe and assess your child and then plan their learning and development provision around our observations.

We will follow any advice from other professionals on how to support your child's particular needs and the SENCo will ensure that training is accessed for staff, where possible, to support your child's learning.


5. What support will there be for my child’s overall wellbeing?

We will involve other professionals to ensure that we support your child in all areas of their developments.  We will support your child with toilet training and any issues regarding eating.  The pre-school is always fully equipped with changing mats, potties and toilet training areas.

If your child may have any specific medication needs such as an epi-pen, all staff will attend training to ensure the safety of your child.


We also have a behaviour policy which outlines the procedures used at pre-school, however, if specialist help is required to manage behaviour we can request the support of the Inclusion Development Officer employed by the local authority.


All staff have a positive approach to all children's development and individual learning and are sensitive to all childrens' needs.  Unwanted behaviour and the testing of boundaries is often part of growing up and we will ensure that all staff work extremely closely with your child to put strategies in place to support and enhance your child's positive behaviour.


6. What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the setting?

We have a lead SENCo trained staff member who regularly attends cluster groups to keep up to date with additional needs support.


7. What training and/or experience do the staff, supporting children with SEND have?

Fiona has been SENCo trained for over 5 years.  She has worked with other professionals supporting children throughout the years of her training.


8. How will my child be included in activities outside the setting?

We can signpost you to activities in the area via the Children's Centre.


9. How will I be involved in discussions about and planning for my child’s learning and development?

Your child's keyworker will be available to discuss your child's needs.

If outside professionals come in to visit your child we will give you the option to be included in these meetings with where appropriate.  Any reports would always be copied and given to parents/carers.    Parental consent would always be obtained before we refer to any outside agencies.


10. How accessible is the building / environment?

The pre-school is very accessible and meets the current disability regulations.  There are no stairs in our building and we have ramp access to all outside doors.  We also have an accessible toilet with wheelchair access.    Our outside area/garden is on one level.    All our toys are age appropriate.


11. How will the setting prepare and support my child with transitions between home, settings and school?

Before starting pre-school you will be invited to come and view the setting with your child and to meet the staff.  You will be informed who your key worker will be so you and your child are able to meet and begin to know them and any concerns you may have can be discussed.

If your child receives care from any other setting we will aim to work closely with them by sharing the child's learning journey.

When it is time for your child to move onto Nursery school we will invite your child's teacher into our setting to meet your child.  Your child's keyworker will also be present so they are able to discuss your child's progress and development.

12. How will [the setting’s] resources be used to support children’s special educational needs

All equipment at Happy Days is movable and can be made accessible.  Toys are age and stage appropriate.  If necessary we will seek to borrow any specific equipment needed for specific needs.


Happy Days has a high staff ratio which enables all children to receive plenty of adult support.  We also have a very inclusive pre-school and have a wide range of resources/strategies in place to support children with a range of needs while they are in our care eg visual timetables are displayed in our main hall using photographs of they daily routine.  These have been used to help speech and language delay and we also support children with English as a second language.     We are a very inclusive pre-school.


13. Who can I contact for further information about the early years offer in the setting?

Fiona Richardson (Manager)  Happy Days Pre-school - 07592 730556     Or email happ[email protected]

For further information on the local authority’s Local Offer of service and provision for children with special educational needs and disability go to www.hertsdirect.org/localoffer