Hello!  I am Sasha!  I am the Office Manager.  I love the sunshine and going on lots of holidays!

Hello!  I am Fiona aka Princess Fiona!  I am the Manager and SENCO at Happy Days and qualified to NVQ level 3.  I don't work on Monday's EVER!

Hello!  I am Gemma! I have an NNEB.  I wear flipflops in the middle of winter!!


Hello! I am Becky. I have a NVQ3 qualification and I am also a childminder.

Hello!  I am Joyce.  I have a NVQ3 qualification.


Hello! I am Sharon!  I am currently studying for my NVQ 3.

Hello!  I am Vikki! I have a Level 3 Cache qualification.

Hello! I am Maisie! I am currently studying for my NVQ 3.

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